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I love to watch art, what can I say? :shrug:

Which comic one shot would you like to see from me? 

52 deviants said That Zelink Comic you promised EONS ago?
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Hey arnold splooge

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2015, 11:33 PM

I guess I wanna share my thoughts on Hey Arnold because it would leave my brain today.

PREPARE FOR PARTLY VENTING because I'm a fucking nerd like that

So I have to say, I feel Hey Arnold was deeper than people gave it credit. I remember Nostalgic Critic kinda brushed it aside when he made a small review about it and I remember it bugging me, especially given how he likes cartoons with deeper meanings like he claims to like.

Hey Arnold was VERY deep. Not only on the protagonist but characters all around him. For Arnold himself, he had a trouble past and a character you just fell in love with. He was sweet, wise, and just very laid back (I guess with a boarding house full of weirdos, you kinda have to be) and that was another thing. He was just cool with a lot of things. Maybe he felt his home environment was so chaotic that he just wanted to be the voice of reason and calmness in any given situation. I mean, he wasn't a perfect kid (even though there were times he would preach to others about life lessons now and again) with moments he had his flaws (especially to girls). Overall, he was a kid growing up and had lessons to face and you just grow with him over time.
Not only that, I think this was the only cartoon at the time that addressed being an orphan. Like, the harsh aspects of it. Arnold gets called an orphan by Big Bob and it truly crushed him with his supporting grandparents unsure how to make him feel better. That kinda stuff hits home for me.

But speaking of Big Bob and his fuck ups, the way he raised Helga and we find out how she became the way she was made me think twice about every bully I ran into as a kid. Maybe they are messed up because their living style was just as messed up as Helgas because frankly, to be ignored just because you had a perfect older sister was heart wrenching to witness. And not just on family stuff, I think Helga was the queen of stalkers. Its a theme going around in cartoons now a days as a joke, but I feel like Helga will forever be the ring leader with how far her obsessions went for the love of your life. But at the same time, the show did it in a way you FELT for her even with her insanity and bullying, you somehow fell in love with this girl who had major flaws and issures, but would try to push past them at her own pace.

And not just those two, the show managaed to give focus on many issues; chocolate boy having his addition issues and couldn't stop his craving for it, harold facing the problems of how "dumb" he was and felt he couldn't be worth to anyone until the day he actually TRIED and succeeded, stinky dating helga for one episode and managing to make it heartbreaking when they broke up but gave him the confidence to move on to a new girl, or hell, there are characters you meet in one episode but you somehow feel so much for them anyway!

Stoop kid, the lady on the island, hell PIGEON MAN made me cry because he didn't want to stay in a cruel world that didn't want to understand his strange hobbies with birds.

And it just gave so many other people characters; the teachers, a retired famous singer, ANY kid from Arnold's class, the butcher man who became part of the city council?? The neighborhood that Arnold grew up in and got to know the people around him felt almost too real for me I guess. Maybe thats just nostalgic talking, but I just know I understood the problems these people had and had rooted for them whenever they came on screen. I wanted to know what happened to Phebe on her poetry contest she lied on, I wanted to know how Gerald would face the singing concert with his tonsils taken out, or how Sid would get out his debt from a middle school gangster group? XD

Just stuff like this made me want to think deeper on every character I had and what problems they woudl face. NOt the same ones as anyone else too. Unigue ones. Its hard and the creaters did a great job on that. Good on them.


SO there you have it...Phew...I said so much. Hope you guys had a fun time with that. If not then I understand. Me ranting is no fun lol Good night!


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